The Open Service Interaction Platform

Versile Platform is a set of open protocols enabling object-level service interaction between heterogenous technologies. The protocols enable simple yet flexible and powerful patterns for interacting with remote services or running services.

  • Seamless access to remote services
  • Efficient APIs
  • Secure communication
  • Open protocols

Two platform implementations are available as beta releases, Versile Java for Java SE 6 and Java SE 7, and Versile Python for python v2.6+ and v3.x. The current versions are licensed as open source (GNU Affero GPL v3). Later production releases will also be available with a commercial license.

Latest Announcements

Released v0.8.1-beta

April 2, 2013. Released the first beta version of Versile Python and Versile Java.

Released v0.7.9 of Versile Python and Versile Java

January 9, 2013. This is a bug-fix release.

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